Corruo Syzygia

Session 02/20/2011

Enter the Drakes

Short summary recap:
Two encounters in one day, so the adventurers have reached a milestone. Most of the adventurers have dropped one daily during the two encounters, but doing so helped keep the group on their feet. Most of the adventurers are relatively healthy, with only a couple of healing surges spent. The group forgot to search the bodies again.

Lengthier recap:
Hurling down the dirt road in a wagon speeding along at preternatural, the adventurers quickly took stock of their situation. They had just narrowly escaped with enough energy to climb aboard the gypsy wagon. But, they weren’t out of harms way. The wagon had turned north, not away from the city. Gwyrd, from his vantage point at the front of the wagon shouted back to the others that there was a massive group of hollowed fighting some Brelandish soldiers in the intersection ahead. The driver of the caravan, whom the adventurers later learned was head of the circus caravan and goes by Lockhart (possibly the long lost brother of the brawling Tifa), told them all to hold on. He was going to try to take this turn, cutting the corner, and avoiding the fight. Androk, sprang to the roof, adrenaline still coursing through his veins from the phenomenal results of the last arrow he loosed. He notched another arrow and aimed at the closest hollowed. Edwulf and Deena shifted to the side that would pass closest to the hollowed, hoping to be at the frontline of battle if anything should go wrong.

As the wagon approached, the line of soldiers separating the hollowed from the wagon turned. Unsure of the wagon’s alignment, they felt that they could no longer risk being in such a compromised and flanked position. They teleported away. The hollowed were left striking out at air. Confused for a moment, they then saw the wagon and moved to block it from entering the intersection.

Androk fired his shot. The arrow sailed through the air and hit the hollowed square in the chest. It let out a scream as it crumpled to the ground. The other hollowed hesitated.

The largest of the hollowed had not yet noticed the wagon and did not give out orders to attack. Lockhart took the opening and turned the wagon past the intersection. Despite the weight distribution on the wagon, all four wheels managed to stay on the ground, with enough traction to get the group of adventurers safely onto the eastbound road. As they left the intersection, they noticed that the remaining Brelandish soldiers had also decided to retreat on horseback. Once mounted, they quickly overtook the wagon and headed eastward in front of the wagon.

Lockhart took the adventurers to the first town outside of Valkenswaard. There, the gypsy wagon was reunited with the rest of its caravan. Lockhart went off to meet with his crew and decide what to do next. Thinking that the adventurers were mercenaries, he left the rear wagon in their capable hands.

Our adventurers, taking their mercenary duties seriously, wandered off. They explored the general store in the town and hoped that they could trade in some unused items for more useful things. Deena placed a suit of mithral chainmail on the counter (if it had been any other chainmail, it would have slammed down on the counter) and asked if the shop owner was interested in buying it. Maedik’s eyes grew wide, “That’s mithral.” He noted. “Don’t sell that here, I could use that. We can work out a trade later when we’ve set up camp for the night.”

The caravan soon moved out of the town, and caught up to the soldiers on horseback. There was still some light out, so the group asked Lockhart to continue on the road a little ways before setting up camp. When the caravan stopped, the adventurers set up their camp and established their watch. Lockhart approached them at their campfire and noted the magical fire that was invisible beyond ten feet. The adventurers shared their fire with the caravan. Lockhart looked upon them somewhat impressed. He mostly spoke to Kir hoping to verify that the entire group of adventurers were Drakes. He had noticed the emblem on Kir’s lapel. Kir played along, with Orsik and Deena’s assistance. Lockhart indicated that the caravan was traveling to Gorinchem and that they should have no problem getting the “Drakes” into the city.

The next morning, the “Drakes” broke their camp and packed up their gear. They were in the rear caravan and decided to take the main road to Gorinchem. As they passed through one of the towns, it was eeriely quiet. They didn’t see any of the townspeople and the streets were deserted. One main street led down to a temple to Pelor. Lockhart kept the wagon moving, and reached the eastern edge of the town before stopping the wagon. He instructed the caravan to keep going, and the Drakes got out and headed back into the town. As they reached the main road that led to the temple, the group of soldiers from the previous day were making their way eastward. They introduced themselves and offered to join a quick scouting mission into the center of town.

When the Drakes reached the temple, they could sense that there were people around, but they were holed up behind shuttered windows and locked doors. The group made their way into the temple, which oddly looked like a Catholic church. They were exploring the altar of the church when they heard a lot of noise from outside. The soldiers took up their swords and turned towards two of the doors at the rear of the temple. Suddenly, hollowed burst through all entrances to the temple, including from the stairways within the temple. Gwyrd, always alert, rushed to the front door and attacked several of the intruders. Deena followed this up by rushing up next to Gwyrd and, with all enemies out of reach, she conjured forth her Onyx Dog, whom the Drakes have named Docile Panda. The rest of the Drakes charged forward towards the swarm of hollowed that were trying to push in through the front door. Working in concert, the group cut and burned through the crowd of hollowed and were quickly beyond the temple’s walls and spilling out into the street. Lockhart summoned an arcane wall separating the front and rear halves of the temple. The wall prevented more hollowed from attacking the groups’ rear.

Outside, the Drakes did a quick survey of the area. Gwyrd summoned his familiar to fly over the road in front of them. The wagon was still safely parked at the eastern edge of the town, but a group of hollowed were approach from the western edge of town. At the rate that they were moving, the Drakes wouldn’t be able to get back to the wagon without a fight.

When they came to the intersection, the soldiers served as a rear guard, fighting off the hollowed that had followed them out to this part of the town. The Drakes took the lead in fighting the monstrous commander and his assistant priest. The Drakes used a series of burst zones, slide and prone effects, to frustrate the leader and quickly drain his strength. Once he got his bearings and determined that Orsik, as a leader, was his biggest threat, he decided to run around two of the Drakes to try to take out Orsik. The Drakes saw what was going on and struck out at the passing creature. Both Androk and Deena found a soft spot in the creatures defenses, making him stagger before reaching Orsik.

He lashed out at all three of these Drakes in defiance. These blows hit the three adventurers very hard, dropping all three from being relatively healthy to bloodied or unconscious. Gwyrd pushed the creature back into the stinking cloud and Deena struck at it, and as the blow landed, Androk, who was unconscious regained his strength. Soon after that, the monstrous creature finally fell and the Drakes continued to their wagon.



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