An impulsive shield against evil.


Half-elf Impulsive Ardent
Level 9, HP 70, Surges/day 11
Str 11, Con 18, Dex 10, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 20
Initiative 7, Speed 6,
AC 23, Fort 21, Ref 18, Will 22
Passive Insight 23, Passive Perception 17

Primary Combat Role: front line attacker that buffs adjacent allies and heals nearby allies.


Deena (aka Diana, Dee, Dina) is somewhat of a mystery. She does not talk much of her past, not even to her closest of friends. However, it is apparent that she has been traveling on her own from a young age. She never speaks of her parents, and when asked where she grew up, she replies: “Here and there; mostly on trading caravans.” Whether this is true or not is anyone’s guess, but every time Deena has tried to settle in a city, she’s found that something draws her away. Despite a difficult past, Deena retains a practical optimism. Privately she worships Pelor for the warmth that he provides, even when all other sources of warmth have failed. She respects some of the teachings of the Raven Queen because she believes the Raven Queen and Pelor complement each other—opposite sides to the cycle of life and death.

Deena arrived in Stonerapids with a group of merchants a few days after the fire. She had seen the aftermath of destruction before, but it had been a while. Having no other obligations, she sought out the leader of the local militia to see what she could do to help, and she met Griswold Oreshapper. Deena requested to join up with the militia to help protect the town and hunt down anyone responsible for the destruction. He refused to arm such a young girl, thinking that such a young person had no place on the battlefield against these unknown creatures.

Later that evening, Deena dropped in on a militia meeting that Griswold held. He began by discussing the reconstruction efforts and the need to increase their numbers of town patrols and be more visible to ease the fears of the people of Stonerapids. As he said this, dissenters in the crowd began to voice their own concerns. They were local inhabitants too, they weren’t a properly trained military, what could they do against creatures like these. When Griswold attempted to placate these men, they accused Griswold of giving away some of the town’s finest weapons. Griswold was nearly overwhelmed by the group.

Deena stepped before the angry crowd and calmed their shouts. She soothed their anger by explaining that the group who had left with the weapons were seeking out the source of these evils, they would surely need those weapons. Besides, she said, good, sturdy weapons were more appropriate for the steadfast resolve of the militiamen. Fine weapons are fickle and break easily, but the well-crafted sturdy blades that the militiamen carried would see them through many battles. She assuaged their fears and fortified their resolve. The miltiamen left that evening with their confidence bolstered and they readily performed extra patrol duties. Their confidence in turn inspired the other townspeople in their reconstruction efforts.

After the meeting, Griswold reconsidered his initial rejection. He brought Deena to his armory and gave her some armor and a greatsword and started her training as a Ardent. Soon Deena was leading militiamen on reconnaissance patrols outside of Stonerapids to locate any remnants of these creatures. She had strict orders not to engage, and she obeyed these orders. However, on a few occasions, skirmishes were inevitable, but each time she led her group to victory, with few militiamen sustaining major injuries. As the militiamen grew stronger and more confident in their ability to protect Stonerapids, Deena’s wanderlust called. She disappeared one day, leaving Griswold a note that simply said, “Thank you, friend. –D.”

In an encounter with Enderton, Deena and her companions decided to retreat. She grabbed the Battle Standard of Healing, and focused her eyes on the doorway with a crowd of mages crashing in. She scowled gently under her breath, wishing that her chainmail didn’t weigh so much. As Kir ran past, they exchanged knowing looks, Deena would be right behind. Being the last adventurer with bodies strewn on the floor in front of her, Deena wished she could teleport of fly like some of her companions. She nimbly and quickly stepped through the sprawled bodies and, aware that her companions had turned to make sure she was only a step behind them. She got up to the top of the stairs, and Kir and Edwulf stepped aside to let her step behind them.

As the group rushed through the vortex, Deena reflexively tried to resist the arcane pull of the vortex. She had never moved at such great speeds and her psionic powers resisted. Her core from her abdomen to her shoulders grew tight as she practically curled into a ball, reflexively trying to protect herself. In the brief moments before Enderton closed the vortex, Deena’s muscles started to relax, her psionic abilities trying to wrap itself around and understand the supernatural speed. She relaxed and her psionic abilities stopped resisting and worked in concert with the arcane power of the vortex, Deena started to enjoy the speed. When Enderton closed the vortex around them, Deena once again reflexively flexed her core to resist Enderton’s attack.

As the vortex closed, Deena’s eyes still saw the inside of the vortex. Unable to focus on anything around her, she tried to scream in agony, but her lungs had no breath for the scream. As her abdomen and neck relaxed, a scar formed starting below the back of her neck and it spread out over the tops of her shoulders and along her shoulder blades. The central portion of the scar resembles Pelor’s symbol, with six rays from a central circle, the remaining portions of the scar, that spread across her shoulders and shoulder blades resemble a bony framework of a pair of wings. As the breath finally returned to her lungs, Deena breathed heavily.

During the trip through the vortex, Deena’s psionic abilities at first resisted, but eventually came to accept and befriend the supernatural speed. When Enderton closed the vortex, the psionic ability was still engaged with the supernatural speed. Since her psionic abilities are not easily stripped away from her and some of the power of the vortex dissipated into the adventurers, her psionic ability took hold of the vortex’s power and transformed it into the level 13 Mercurial Mind psionic talent.

The scar resembles the wingspan of any number of creatures depending on Deena’s mood: eagles when she wants to look regal, dragons when she wants to intimidate, falcons when she wants to be perceptive, bats when she wants to be nocturnal and secretive, and a phoenix when she is in battle and healing others; it is unclear whether these changes in the structure of the scar actually occur, or whether the scar does not change, but that Deena’s mood determines the presumptive interpretation of the scar to those who see it.


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