Edwulf the Hard

A mighty, mighty Goliath.


LVL 7 HP: 69 HS: 12 (+17HP)
SPD: 6

STR: 21
CON: 18
DEX: 11
INT: 10
WIS: 10
CH: 10
AC: 17
FORT: 22
REF: 16
WILL: 16

At Will

Howling Strike
Foe to Foe
Swift Charge
Great Cleave
Brutal Slam
Curtain of Steel
Laugh it Off
Clawfoot Berserker Rage
Bloodhunt Rage
Savage Comeback

Wearing: Bestial Leather Armor, Horns of Charging, Badge of the Berserker
Carrying: Rending Execution Axe, Augmenting Whetstone, Adventurer’s Kit, Potion of Clarity


Goliaths are a large race, but Edwulf the Hard is large even by Goliath standards. He earned moniker in several ways. The first was the strength of his skull. Standing a towering eight feet, he found most doorways in his tribe’s mountain fastness too low for him and routinely smashed through them head-first. This led his tribesmen to say that steel was hard, stone was harder, and Edwulf’s skull was hardest.

Hardness was also used to describe his implacable hatred of sorcery and all who use it. An unknown wizard acting for unknown reasons had ensorceled Edwulf while still in his mother’s womb,and the spell caused him to grow at an incredible rate,. Thus, at the mere age of 12, he stood a head above the tallest men of his tribe and could hurl the strongest warriors through a mountainside. This was never revealed to Edwulf, though, he believed that he was simply a freak cursed by the gods. For his great size did not come without a price, and he was constantly mocked by his fellow youths for being clumsy and dull-witted. After a particularly cruel mocking, Edwulf flew into a red rage and, seizing the closest axe, hacked his tormentor into many small, wet pieces. The tribe elders voted unanimously to cast him into exile. Before he set forth, though, an elder took pity on him and revealed the mysterious circumstances surrounding his gestation and birth. Straightaway, Edwulf vowed undying enmity upon sorcery and those who practiced it. He swore to find the wizard who had cast this doom upon him and kill him very slowly. To seal this oath, Edwulf sacrificed a hundred bulls by headbutting them. The next day, he set off on his quest for vengeance, a lone warrior without a tribe…

Edwulf the Hard

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