Orsik Ironwright


Str 13 (+1) Con 16 (+3) Dex 11 (+0) Int 12 (+1) Wis 18 (+4) Cha 10 (+0)

AC 13, Fort 14, Ref 11, Will 15 HP 28, Surges 10, Speed 5

Feats: Protector Spirit Adept

At-Will powers: Call Spirit Companion, Spirit’s Shield, Protecting Strike, Wrath of Winter

Encounter powers: Speak with Spirits, Healing Spirit, Thunder Bear’s Warding

Daily powers: Spirit of the Healing Flood


The Ironwright clan was driven from their mountain stronghold after generations of war with mountain giants. After their stronghold defenses fell and was finally overcome by the giants, the remaining members of the Ironwright clan fled to the surface. With a population too small to undertake the excavation and construction of a new mountain stronghold, and too much pride in their clan-name to seek refuge with neighboring dwarven clans, the Ironwright clan set up a temporary settlement in the forests near their mountain home. While this settlement was meant to be temporary, due to poor leadership by the Ironwright elders, the settlement became a permanent village for the Ironwright clan. The poor leadership of the elders combined with the disconnect from their mountain roots caused the settlement to quickly fall into a despotic, tribal state.

A new leader quickly emerged, dissolving the traditional dwarven council of elders and proclaiming himself Chief. This chief, having little regard for the Ironwright’s mountain home, sought the protection of the surrounding forests and the power of spirits of the surface world. Among his changes to the Ironwright clan’s caste was the introduction of the Shamans as advisors. Orsik Ironwright, a very young dwarf at the time of the Ironwright’s flight from their mountain home, was among the first shamans to be trained and appointed by the chief. However, Orsik still remembers his link to his mountain home. His contact with the spirit world focuses on the deep spirits of the mountains and caves.

After appointing several shamans, the Ironwright clan’s chief became a harsh leader. He sought the power of malicious spirits, often times aiding them in questionable tasks. In return these malevolent spirits used their ghostly forms to horrify the Ironwright clan, causing the clan to submit to the chief’s will and solidifying the chief’s position as the sole voice of the Ironwright clan. These spirits would claw their way into the shaman caste’s visions, polluting the shaman’s minds with their gruesome visage – twisting many of their intentions to match the chief’s. Over time the chief required the shaman caste to worship these spirits, a task that Orsik found despicable. Orsik’s contact with his spirit companion indicated the presence of a particularly powerful spirit near the Ironwright clan’s settlement. Orsik was unsure whether this spirit overcame the chief, guiding the chief’s intentions, or whether the spirit was an agent of the chief. In either case, the chief and the spirits were too powerful for Orsik to confront alone. In order to free the Ironwright clan from the chief and his malicious spirits, Orsik would need powerful allies.

The presence of these spirits, the abandonment of the Ironwright tradition, and his own disconnect from the mountains caused Orsik to leave his village in search of a way (perhaps through allies or some powerful spirits) to reclaim the Ironwright’s mountain home. To begin his quest for the reclamation of the Ironwright’s home, Orsik found it necessary to set out upon a vision quest – to seek the council of the mountain spirits. Little supplies were available from his dwarven settlement, so in preparation for the vision quest Orsik traveled to Stonerapids in order to obtain the necessary supplies for his journey. After gathering supplies, he sought out the comfort of beer and the company of strangers in the local tavern. Had he taken the time to speak with the spirits, they might have cautioned Orsik about resting in this particular tavern…

Orsik Ironwright

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