Zjarr i Dimrit

Tiefling Avenger, worshiper of the Raven Queen, invoker of Kord

LVL 8HP: 68HS: 8 (+16 HP)
STR: 14 (+2)DEX: 15 (+2)WIS: 18 (+4)AC: 20
CON: 12 (+1)INT: 13 (+1)CHA: 12 (+1)FORT: 17
SPD: 6Resist Fire: 9Bloodhunt: +1 attack against bloodiedREF: 17
INIT: (+10)Low-Light VisionVersatile Expertise: +1 attack heavy blades/holy symbolsWILL: 19

Special: Oath of Enmity (OoE) + Distant Vengeance (ranged OoE), Vengeance Charging, Melee Training(WIS)
Censure of Pursuit: OoE moves away → +2+mod(DEX) damage against OoE
Invigorating Pursuit: on hit on charge → +2 damage, +2 AC until end of next turn

At-Will:Channel Divinity:
  Avenging Shackles  Divine Guidance
  Radiant Vengeance  Abjure Undead/Immortal
  Rictus Grin  Celestial Fist
  Deadly Stride  Blessing of Vengeance
  Infernal Wrath  Menacing Presence
  Aspect of Agility
  Chains of Censure

Wearing: Dusky Robes, Boots, Gate of Winter
Carrying: Flaming Greatsword, Climber’s Kit, Adventurer’s Kit


Deep in the far west of the Everdusk mountains of Breland lies one of the few monasteries of the Raven Queen, Mbrëmja e Vërenjtur. The priests therein are humans that have been called to the place to serve and maintain the traditions of the Goddess of Death, Winter and Fate. Occasionally, a small group of these monks leave the monastery to travel and witness events in the wider world. Which events and the reasons why are unknown outside the priesthood.

The last such expedition witnessed a hanging outside of a town south of the mountains. Of the dozen or so hanged, one was a woman whose crime had been to carry the child of a nonhuman, a tiefling. The priests of fate were already watching as the criminals were brought out at first light and hanged en mass. The woman was pregnant as she was dropped that morning; by noon the watchers could see she was dead. At dusk, the priests watched as she swayed and then birthed the tiefling child. Silently the priests collected the tiefling from the ground where he had fallen and left.

The priests raised the child birthed by the dead woman, but with little care as the child was a tiefling. As an infant, the priests removed the tail, ground down the horns and thanked their goddess that the tieflings features and proportions were mostly small and human. They gave the child no name, simply calling him “Tiefling” or, in fits of affection, “Tief.” As soon as he could walk, he was instructed in religion and trained as a priest, being subjected to physical tests to increase his devotion to his goddess.

As he grew, he gained a red tinge as from underneath his skin, and v-shaped red bars across his hairless brow. Thus he took to wearing cloaks and cowls, largely hiding the tiefling attributes. His hands and feet, however, began to demonstrate a claw-likeness which could not be so easily hidden. His difference in appearance and origin led him to develop, inadvertently, an ability to intimidate his fellow monks.

The changes of his appearance drove him into solitude even amongst the insular monks. He studied the oldest of the monks scrolls on the gods and the Raven Queen, eventually learning the language of the gods and angels themselves. He drove himself to extremes in his physical training, far surpassing any other monks in his physical prowess. The monastery began to refer to him as ‘The Fire’ or ‘The Goddess’s Fire’ when he was not present.

Eventually it was recognized that he was an Avenger of the Raven Queen, and as the final ceremony of his ascension to that class was performed, he took the title “Zjarri i Dimrit”, meaning “The Winter’s Fire.” After connecting with his goddess and receiving her blessing, a spark of interest in his true heritage and nature began to persist in his soul. Gradually he stopped grinding down his horns. Slowly he realized that he must leave the monastery and bring the fire of winter, the will and judgment of his goddess, to Keretore and as far as the Goddess of Fate requires.


Zjarri i Dimrit stands at about 6’4” and weighs approximately 200 lbs. His features and build are mostly human and not noticeably tiefling, apart the solid orange orbs that are his eyes. Underneath his light, non-changing skin is a red tinge, as if an internal fire is encased by his seemingly translucent skin. His hands and feet are toughened and claw-like, his feet being only barely human in appearance, leading to his preference for wearing boots (although unnecessary for protection).

His tail was removed as an infant, with only a stump remaining. The slowly regrowing remnants of horns jut backwards from the front corners of his head. He is entirely naturally bald, with three red downward v-shapes starting high on his forehead and resonating up to his crown. Each is successively darker red, but barely darker than the surrounding skin, as his entire head has an increasingly dark red internal tinge up towards the crown.

Zjarr dresses in robes and cloak of faded black or dark grey. He nearly always wears his hood up and pulled well forward to hide his Tiefling features, as is his purpose with wearing boots. His sleeves are generally only to mid-forearm, however, clearly revealing his fire-skin and clawed hands. He wears a self-made holy symbol, the oldest symbol known (although not commonly known, so it is rarely recognize) of the winter-facet of the Raven Queen.

Zjarri i Dimrit means “The Winter’s Fire” in the language of the gods, and was taken as a title, rather than as a name. His studies and training as an Avenger lead him to feel closest to the winter aspect of the Raven Queen, hence his selection and acceptance of the title. Secondarily, he aligns with her aspect for fate and has discovered a proclivity to invoke the god Kord to assist him in his endeavors for his goddess.


After leaving the monastery, Zjarr traveled through most of southern Breland, eventually following his divine inspiration to Thorran. He spent a short amount of time (about a month) in Qeynos before venturing out across the southern reaches of Vaylus. Later he traveled to the Rock of Fate, where he stayed for nearly a year, making skirmished out into the Dragonspine Mountains. Eventually he returned to Qeynos briefly, making a sea voyage to Boreston, in which he found the information for which he was searching within a day. Thereafter, he left by sea, aiming ultimately for the Verdant Marshes.

Zjarr first visited Stonerapids after concluding his month-long sojourn in the Verdant Marshes. Following inspiration from his Goddess (and knowledge gained in Boreston), he had entered the marshes to eradicate a growth of the undead beginning to emerge. When he felt his task complete and exited the marshes, he happened to be nearest Stonerapids and so trekked there to rest and commune with his goddess.

Arriving two days before the attack, Zjarr rested for a day and then meditated for the next two days (meditation of endurance and strife to better open the soul to the Raven Queen). That evening was the first evening he chose to begin to learn of the people and the area (having felt no divine impetus to leave), and so chose to sup and drink in the common area. Happenstance, natural affinity or something else brought him to the table with the other adventurers shortly before the Hollowed assault began.

Zjarr i Dimrit

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